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GPS fleet management system tailored to your needs!

The advantages including GPS vehicle tracking, report generation
and others.


GPS vehicle tracking

Track your car online with GSM and GPS navigation system which shows whether the vehicles engine is on, speedometer, odometer measures, for how long the car has been standing and address.


Have a conversation with us and let us know what you want included in your GPS tracking system to improve it. Whether it is tahometer measure taken from your car, integration with ERP system or anything else.


The data extracted from vehicle tracking allows to prepare necessary reports, including those for VID, the reports can be customized to your needs.

Data sharing

Share data with those who you feel the need to. Is it your clients, drivers or manager who need to see the GPS tracking system data of your vehicles?

Vehicles fuel consumption

GPS tracking system provides data about vehicles fuel consumption. You can see the ammount of fuel remaining in the car as well as fuel consumption per route.

Information about car status

GPS tracking system informs you about vehicle status. This allows to see when the next car service is preferred.

Online support

We provide online support to increase the vehicle tracking systems effectivity if there is any question just let us know by calling or writing an email.

For more information about functions see product description.

Access everywhere

Access everywhere

Access your vehicle data through our system no matter where you are or going to with our online GPS tracking platform on:

  • Phone

  • Tablet

  • Computer

Access on your phone, tablet, computer